About Us


We manage your project, we lead your technology

MTI Water Technologies, Inc. is a dedicated water treatment solutions provider who aims to bring cost-effective services to the Philippine industrial market. We have assembled a team of experts who bring a wealth of experience to our company that will assure our services are of the highest quality while offering it at a competitive price. The combination of products that we supply and services we offer lets us provide our clients a full package solution for all their water treatment needs.
Located in the Philippines, our company is strategically located in a rapidly developing region where demand for water treatment systems is at its peak due to stricter government enforcement and regulations. Our personnel have a strong background in working in various manufacturing industries and are well-poised to understand the needs of our customers.
Our goal is to provide responsive services and cost-efficient solutions to our customers that will ensure smooth day-to-day operations. We will strive to be an asset to our clients and aim to build long lasting systems that will bring down costs in the long term.

Our Mission

Promote membrane technology that are well known to be eco-friendly and best-in-class treatment systems
Uphold standards of international recognition to provide quality services and solutions
Lead in technological innovation and be internationally competitive in the field of water treatment
Establish a customer-centered work culture that will provide solutions primed for sustainability and cost-effectiveness
Be an environmentally-focused company that will ensure every product is compliant to all regulations and standards required by our clients
Provide personalized and responsive technical support to our clients to minimize interruptions on their operations

Our Vision

To be a premier water treatment system provider in the Philippines and eventually expand into emerging and developed markets by establishing our presence globally.