Cebu Mitsumi Philippines, Inc.

Cebu Mitsumi Philippines, Inc.

Location: MRI Special Economic Zone, Sabang, Danao City, Cebu
Type of Industry: Semiconductor/Electronics
System/s Installed: 1-Train RO SYSTEM
Capacity: 63,400 GPD

System Description:

The System is complete with pre-treatment which includes Sand Filter for suspended particle removal and accompanied with chorine dosing for water disinfection and prevent algae growth. The chlorinated water is passed through an Activated Carbon Filter Media for remove free chlorine.

The dechlorinated water is passed through a Twin Alternating Softener for hardness removal. The removal of hardness causing ions prolonged the life of the RO membrane and prevent from pre-mature scaling. This soft water is collected to a Storage tank.

The soft water is pumped off to the RO System for further purification. This system is Single Pass, Two-Bank Configuration. It has a CIP built with in the system, for periodic maintenance cleaning.

RO System (w/ pretreatment at the back):