Yumex Printed Circuit Corporation

Yumex Printed Circuit Corporation

Location: 122 Progress Aven., Carmelray Industrial Park, Canlubang, Laguna
Type of Industry: Semiconductor / Electronics
System/s Installed: 1-Train REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) SYSTEM
Capacity: 126,815GPD

System Description:

The system pre-treatment includes Filter media and chemical dosing like chlorine for water disinfection, anti-scalant for membrane scaling protection and UV unit for membrane fouling protection.

The RO System uses an 8-inch by 60-inch TFC membranes. The System is configured into Single Pass, Two Bank Configuration. It has an Auto-flush System and online conductivity meters both for feed and product streams.

The product water is, then passed through a Membrane Degasifier, for dissolved gases removal to elevate the final product water pH.

The System has its own CIP system used for maintenance cleaning.

RO SYSTEM with Membrane Degasifier: